So I had to go ask my mom for boy advice.. as i normally dont admit it to her if i think someone famous is hot, shes probably never gonna get ovee this moment. Pretty sure she has already marked the date in her calender. ….

I need friendly advice and the one i would normaly ask is mad at me. If i have to ask my mom im gonna cry, cause then i will have to be a lot more honest with her than i wanna be.. Shiiiit

no need

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"Perfume - The story of a murderer" This is such an amazing movie, love it!

Note to self: Watch Cocktail as soon as possible. 

So I just had a moment and I was like “holy shit I’m happy to be alive and young while The 1975 is a thing.” It is not The Beatles where I can only wish I had experienced it. It is literally happening RIGHT NOW! And I’m young and stupid and ready to experience everything they are gonna bring in the future. I’m so freaking happy about this realization!